Townsfolk NPC Pack

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    The Townsfolk set features a selection of characters as might be found in the urban environment. They are dressed in period attire. Included in this set is a plague doctor, a fertilizer collection operative, a shady looking fellow with a sack over his shoulder, a lady selling fresh meat and another lady making a gesture, either inviting you into some establishment or other, showing her wares in a market, or perhaps she’s saying; “Stole my purse ‘e did, ran off down that alley. Ugly little blighter ‘e was, all hairy, about this tall”.

    Please be aware that Bifrost Miniatures may contain substances that may be harmful if chewed or swallowed. They are not toys and are unsuitable for anyone under the age of 14.

    Bifrost Miniatures are sculpted at a scale of 5mm = 1 foot.

    Sculpted by Martin Baker, Display models Painted by Jon Atter.