Gaming Table Bookings

Currently we can offer three 6' x 4' gaming tables and three 3' x 3' gaming tables with the following restrictions:
  • You must book a slot via messenger only (we will inform you if the slot is available).
  • Only come in to play after you have received your confirmation.
  • Only a maximum of 6 people are allowed at a table at any time.
  • You are NOT allowed to touch the other player's models, dice, rulebooks etc.
  • It may feel un-sportsman-like but please do not shake hands at the start, during or after the game.
  • When you arrive a contact number will be asked for Track and Protect.
Bookings are free if you are a Legion Forge member, or £4.50 per person for non-members. The above prices are for a single slot hire.


  • Mon-Wed-Fri: 12-4pm, 5-10pm
  • Tue-Thu: 12-6pm
  • Saturday: 10-5pm
  • Sunday: 10-5pm
Your slot includes set up time and wrapping up.
If you are unable/unwilling to comply with the above rules PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A SLOT.
And now all the scary serious stuff is out the way come in play games and have fun!!!!